This book is for you if you want to explore what a life of faith is without the old dogmas


Religions don't have to define faith for you.  Your perspectives, adventures, and the lenses you see the world help shape your life.  A life of faith means you live with intention.  This book can help you define those intentions.


Praise for the book:

With rational analysis and poignant stories, pilgrim and pastor Daniel Kanter looks at faith through four frames: belief and doubt, trust and distrust, loyalty and betrayal, plus our lifelong efforts to form a coherent worldview amidst constant change. Read, discuss, and you will find yourself wiser and more faithful than you were before.
—John Buehrens, author and past President of the UUA

The religious left in America has been working to reclaim "religion," but we have done so without engaging a root concept: "faith." Kanter dives into an exploration that allows us to leave behind our misconception that faith means having unquestioned beliefs. He claims, and helps us claim, a living faith—a faith in action through our relationships and daily life.
—Kayla Parker, editor of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood